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EuroPaver 1000

The EuroPaver1000 mobile asphalt plant provides a 1000kg batch of material in under 15 minutes. With full GPS data logging, the self monitoring unit provides a full audit trail. The mobile unit provides asphalt at the correct temperature and at the correct time, reducing the amount of waste hot asphalt at the end of every job. The EuroPaver1000 unit comes complete with a trailer, 415v 3Ph genset and TBL45 2 stage red diesel burner.

Materials Partner
Materials Partner


1000 kg batch hot

Pramac P9000 three phase 415v diesel power generator

2 ltrs/hr generator fuel consumption

Mixing drum with internal lifters

Helical gearbox drive system

Fixed discharge chute

EOGB Baltur TBL45 – 2 Stage Diesel burner –15 Ltrs/hr. 150-450KW

Burner limit safety switch

250litr fuel tank

Hydraulic discharge rams

Internal heat vector system

Infra red pirometer temperature monitoring with external display

GPS and data logging program

Complete touch screen control panel with USB interface data transfer

Emergency temperature cut off plus adjustable timer

2 x FLS LED lights installed for night work

Indespension trailer mounted

4 x emergency stop switches gross trailer weight

All PUWER assessed and approved plant

Full operator training and certification provided

Gross trailer weight 2450kg

Operation and maintenance manuals


  • Improve efficiency

    Improve efficiency

    Produce hot mix on-site or at the roadside and save time previously wasted visiting batching plants. Complete more jobs in one day, increasing productivity and efficiency.

  • Hot asphalt wastage

    Less waste

    Mix accurate quantities of material needed for each job and work more cost-effectively. Recycle the leftovers from every job and eliminate waste asphalt.

  • goes-green

    Go green

    Produce controlled quantities of hot mix and re-use all types of RAP – significantly reducing wastage. Travel fewer miles to asphalt plants to cut down on fuel emissions too.

  • Road repair planning


    Transform your approach to road-repair job scheduling. Remove the reliance on asphalt plant opening hours with hot-mix on demand. Complete jobs anytime – including weekends, evenings and holidays.

  • certified

    Quality asphalt

    Produce high quality hot-mix, whether virgin mix or RAP, for a range of applications. Heat your material on-site, so it’s the ideal temperature for better compaction and a long-lasting, durable result.

  • Cost savings

    Cost savings

    Utilise RAP and save a minimum of 50% over buying asphalt from a nearby plant. Improve your bottom line by eliminating asphalt waste, removing daily trips to plants and reducing the need to cold-patch pot holes.