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Reduce pot hole repairs and road maintenance costs

The EuroPaver can help local authorities reduce the cost of pot hole repairs and street maintenance costs


Utilising recycled asphalt

More and more authorities are reviewing their road repair and maintenance programmes to improve efficiency and remove unnecessary costs. The EuroPaver roadside batch mix plant will demonstrate long term reductions in asphalt waste of up to 100% and sustainable cost savings of approx 50%.

We’re working with authorities to help them understand how they can harvest their feedstock and recycle RAP to produce high quality asphalt for road maintenance and pot hole repairs that is up to 50% cheaper than from a local asphalt plant.

Cost-effective virgin asphalt

The EuroPaver can also produce material from bagged asphalt mix that conforms to BS EN 13108 and PD 6691:2010 standards. We work with leading asphalt providers to supply a range of products, including 6mm, 10mm, SMA or HRA.

Very often asphalt plants have a minimum order quantity which is over the requirement for the day’s planned work. This problem is eliminated with the EuroPaver – where gangs only mix what they need to get the job done.

Eliminating the need for cold patch work

Providing hot permanent pot hole repairs is crucial for our heavily trafficked roads. The EuroPaver allows you to produce asphalt at the correct temperature, in situ to the job, ensuring a high quality seal. Your gangs will no longer have to cold patch jobs, which can be poor quality and lead to road disruption, public dissatisfaction and compensation claims.

Flexible working practices

Emergency and out-of-hours repairs can now go ahead, without the reliance on batching plant opening times. Your workforce’s day will be much more flexible and productive when they can produce the asphalt they need – on demand – for every job.


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