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Reduce highway maintenance costs and waste

The EuroPaver helps highway maintenance contractors be more economical, efficient and environmentally-friendly.


Improved workforce utilisation

Our mobile asphalt batching plant means gangs no longer waste time visiting asphalt plants before they start a shift. Instead, they go straight to a job, improving their productivity and their flexibility to work the hours you want, not those dictated by the local batching plant.

Reduced procurement costs

With the power to produce hot mix at the roadside, you can make substantial savings on your procurement spend. Typically you can save 50% using recycled asphalt or 10% using pre-mix from our leading asphalt suppliers.

Zero waste management solution

Instead of gangs bulk ordering or over-estimating their asphalt requirements to get through the day, our industry leading technology lets them mix what they need – as they need it.

The EuroPaver is ideal for small works patching applications. Only the quantity needed for each job is mixed, eliminating asphalt waste and the cost of selling back millings at the end of each day.

Quality repairs

Because EuroPavers produce hot mix on demand, the material is the ideal temperature for a quality job. There is a seamless bond between the surrounding surface and repair, establishing an enduring fix that seals moisture out ending the cycle of deterioration.

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