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Produce premium asphalt hot mix with a EuroPaver unit

Not only does the EuroPaver batching plant produce hot mix on demand, its output is a quality material – every time.


Having been through substantial testing, the EuroPaver is proven to produce hot mix of equal quality to what is produced at larger batching plants, and to do so at 50% of the cost.

From virgin mix to 100% recycled asphalt, a EuroPaver accepts all types of material. And as it mixes the batch on-site, the hot mix will be the ideal temperature to ensure better compaction than material that has been mixed a number of hours earlier.

Gangs are able to swap mixes, depending on the job in hand, whether it’s red asphalt, base or binder, the EuroPaver can handle the job.


EuroPaver asphalt batching plant benefits:

  • Quality asphalt hot mix when you need it
  • Ideal temperatures for optimum compaction
  • Long-lasting, durable results


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