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Re-use recycled asphalt, RAP, milings and plannings – save up to 100%

The EuroPaver makes it possible to use recycled asphalt, substantially cut down on waste and ultimately hit zero wastage targets.


With a EuroPaver unit producing asphalt on demand, you only mix what you need, when you need it. Gangs no longer need to over-estimate the amount of hot asphalt they’ll need from a local batching plant at the start of each day – reducing procurement costs and improving profit margins.

In addition, the EuroPaver can handle recycled asphalt e.g RAP, millings, breakout and hot box materials – eliminating the need to get rid of waste at the end of every day, and the costs associated with it.  Material can simply be re-heated and re-used, as and when it’s required.

Councils, utilities and highways contractors are able to work with much more efficiency -with up to 100% less hot asphalt wastage and substantially reduced costs.


Benefits of the EuroPaver hot asphalt plant:

  • Produce only what you need – minimise waste
  • Reheat unused asphalt to produce recycled asphalt
  • Zero wastage
  • Up to 50% cost savings


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