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Transform the way you plan patching and road repair jobs

With the reliance on asphalt plant pick-ups removed, you can completely rethink how you plan your daily road repair schedule.


The EuroPaver adds an additional level of flexibility – with weekends, evenings, holidays and emergency jobs all now possible.

Pot hole patching and road repair work can be done at any time to fit daily plans – increasing the flexibility of your road repair and maintenance teams.

Because the EuroPaver accepts a range of materials, from virgin mix to 100% recycled asphalt, gangs can swap the material they need to match their job’s requirements. And if other jobs need to be carried throughout the day, such as paving or landscaping, cold asphalt can be re-mixed at the next site and ready for use in under 15 minutes.


Benefits of the EuroPaver roadside asphalt plant:

  • Asphalt plant pickups no longer dictate scheduling
  • Increased flexibility of road repair project planning
  • Ability to swap between patching jobs and other activities
  • Ability to swap between materials – dependent on specific job requirements


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