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Embrace asphalt recycling and improve environmental performance

The EuroPaver enables asphalt recycling to cut waste and save money.


The EuroPaver is able to hot mix a wide range of environmentally-friendly materials, including RAP, millings, breakout and hot box waste. It can accept up to 100% recycled asphalt without reducing the quality of the final product. So what was once costly wastage at the end of each day, can now typically be used for base and sub base applications.

With teams only mixing the amount of material they need for each job, less asphalt is wasted. Any leftovers can be re-heated and recycled for the next repair.

And, with fewer trips to asphalt batching plants your organisation can reduce vehicle emissions and its carbon footprint.


EuroPaver asphalt plant benefits:

  • Recycling asphalt reduces waste by up to 100%
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Reduce vehicle emissions


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