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Produce hot asphalt on demand and deliver cost savings

With the ability to batch mix hot asphalt onsite, you can find cost savings of 50% and more.


Councils, utility companies and contractors are all challenged with reducing operating costs and identifying improved efficiencies. We can work with you to do the math and show substantial, sustainable cost savings.


Here’s the logic:

Because the EuroPaver batching plant produces hot asphalt onsite, it cuts out the need to buy hot mix from local batching plants.

So, when using recycled asphalt a EuroPaver can typically produce hot mix for around 50% less than an asphalt plant. For a typical organisation buying 100 tonnes of base material per month, that’s a saving of £30,000.00 per year. In addition, you remove the cost of paying to send used asphalt back to the plant.

And there’s still savings to be made on virgin mix procurement. Working with leading asphalt providers, we can supply a range of products, including 6mm, 10mm, SMA or HRA. All comply with BS EN 13108 and PD 6691:2010 and can save you up to 10% compared to asphalt plant prices.


The EuroPaver hot asphalt plant can deliver further cost savings by removing:

  • The time spent visiting the local asphalt plant every morning
  • The cost of over ordering asphalt
  • The inefficiency of cold patching pot holes
  • The need to get rid of leftover asphalt at the end of each shift


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