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    The EuroPaver250 trailer-mounted batching plant provides asphalt at the roadside – when and where you need it. Producing up to 300kg of quality hot mix in under 15 minutes, it increases daily productivity and profitability.

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    The EuroPaver500 mobile asphalt plant delivers up to 550kg of material in less than 15 minutes. You get hot mix on demand and at the ideal temperature for compaction and a durable, long-lasting fix.

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    The EuroPaver1000 asphalt plant provides a 1000kg batch in under 15 minutes. With your hot mix on-site, you can get on with the job – and when it’s done there’s no wasted material, saving you time and money.

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  • Improve efficiency

    Improve Efficiency

    Produce hot mix on-site or at the roadside and save time previously wasted visiting batching plants. Complete more jobs in one day, increasing productivity and efficiency.

  • Hot asphalt wastage

    Less Wastage

    Mix accurate quantities of material needed for each job and work more cost-effectively. Recycle the leftovers from every job and  eliminate waste asphalt.

  • goes-green

    Go Green

    Produce controlled quantities of hot mix and re-use all types of RAP – significantly reducing wastage. Travel fewer miles to asphalt plants to cut down on fuel emissions too.

  • Cost savings

    Cost Savings

    Utilise RAP and save a minimum of 50% over buying asphalt from a nearby plant. Improve your bottom line by eliminating asphalt waste, removing daily trips to plants and reducing the need to cold-patch pot holes.

  • certified

    Quality Asphalt

    Produce high quality hot-mix, whether virgin mix or RAP, for a range of applications. Heat your material on-site, so it’s the ideal temperature for better compaction and a long-lasting, durable result.

  • Road repair planning


    Transform your approach to road-repair job scheduling. Remove the reliance on asphalt plant opening hours with hot-mix on demand. Complete jobs anytime – including weekends, evenings and holidays.

Typical Applications

  • utilities


    The EuroPaver trailer mounted asphalt batching plant helps utilities contractors improve the profitability of reinstatement and maintenance work.

    The EuroPaver is ideal for small, high volume patching jobs. It stops the uneconomical practice of cold patching and removes the need to over-order asphalt from local plants.

    With the flexibility to recycle RAP or use virgin mix at the roadside – cost savings of up to 50% can be achieved.

  • highways


    EuroPaver machines are enabling highways gangs across the UK, Ireland and Scotland to become more economical, efficient and environmentally-friendly.

    Because they produce the right amount of asphalt for each job at the roadside, they save valuable time by eliminating daily trips to asphalt plants.

    In addition quality asphalt can by produced on demand – whether from RAP or virgin mix – up to 50% cheaper than from a local plant.

  • reinstatement


    The EuroPaver batching plant improves the cost effectiveness and environmental performance of road maintenance and repair programmes.

    A EuroPaver not only accepts virgin mix, but also recycled asphalt, producing high quality hot mix that is up to 50% cheaper than from a local asphalt plant.

    Gangs mix what they need, when they need it, removing the wastage from over-ordering and left-over material at the end of the day.

  • pot-hole-repair

    Pot Hole Repair

    The EuroPaver allows gangs to carry out hot, permanent pot hole repairs – removing the need for inefficient cold-patching.

    The unit produces premium quality asphalt, on-the-job, and always at the correct temperature. This ensures there is a seamless bond between the surrounding surface and repair, establishing an enduring fix that seals moisture out.

    The cycle of deterioration ends – reducing the cost of further repairs.

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